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March 18, 2017

There are a lot of things that I encounter while programming that make me go “Yay…?”. This is mostly to say languages, frameworks, things I’d like to start using that I’m still not quite sure if I should start getting into. I know that I would be much better off by using the alternative, however I just can’t be bothered to switch completely.

Today, I’m gonna rant about the variety of those things that I know I should get into, but I esitate to do so, mainly because of fear of not being able to do it, or for the lack of motivation/effort I’m willing to put into.

Let’s start off with vim. Oh, vim. I’ve been using vim for a long time now, just in the completely wrong way. I know very little about vim: you should move with hjkl (although if you’re a noob like me you just use the arrow keys), insertion mode is activated with ins, ideally you’d delete things by using the d command, but if you’re like me you just use the backspace in insert mode. I only really use on a day to day basis :w, :q and :wq, I often use :s/ and when I do, :@ and @@ come in handy. But that’s all I have been bothered to learn about vim. I know that after 4 months of using it I’d be much more better off as my speed would drastically improve, I’m just not sure I want to step out of my comfort zone which are editors like VS Code, Atom and Sublime into dangerous beasts like vim.

Here’s another thing: C. I only know so much about C: I know there are structs, but however there is no OOP/classes whatsoever. I want to learn C because it is a match for my love of simplicity and hate for the OOP world, and also I want to learn a language that performs even better than the one I currently use (Go) and I want to finally learn how to manage my memory. I want to get my hands dirty. However, still, I’m not quite sure I want to step into this dangerous world.

Graphical User Interfaces, aka UIs. I’m mainly talking about UIs for native applications here: those for websites, I know how to do. But for software? Fuck me! The closest thing I did was to play around with win forms, and I made a couple useful things with those. But however, as I soon realised, those aren’t really cross-platform, and if I want to do something about Windows, I better start getting to know GTK or Qt. And as Qt I believe is absolutely bloated, I should sooner or later pick up GTK, which is what I’m trying to do at the moment. I got as far as an “Hello world”, I’ll see if I can get further.

Vue. Vue is “Yay…?” because I’m mixed about JavaScript. I’m mixed about web development per se, really. Vue is nice. But I’m not sure if Single Page Applications and frontends made completely of Javascript with no real server-generated HTML are the way to go, and I’m still stalling on this.

Modern JavaScript. Continuing from the above, I’m not sure I should get into the whole system of ECMAScript 2015, but I’m thinking more of a “no” than a “yes”. Do I really want to write code in ES 2015’s complex language, with new classes bodged into the existing ones, function definitions now totaling to an amount of like 7, and imports, just to then have that code pass through Babel, a minifier, a horsefucker and then eventually get to the final minifed javascript build, that weighs something like 500kb for a simple piece of code just because you needed like 4 polyfills for new javascript functions that sometimes aren’t in older browsers.

Deciding what to do, what to start and what to learn is hard.

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