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Generic post about a generic chat protocol I decided to develop from scratch and things happening in my life. Hell this title is long. I might as well throw in more words into it.

November 19, 2015

On the 15th of November, I decided that the chat protocols around weren’t enough. So I started developing a new one from scratch. Its name is bunny. If you ask me why the name, then I’d tell you “I have no fucking idea”. Seriously, I just so happened to call it this way.

One of the main things I’m focusing in the doing of it, is that I want it to be bulletproofingly forcedly secure. Probably bulletproofingly doesn’t even exist in the English vocabulary, but who cares.

At the moment, I’m just writing down some RFCs and some parts of the testing program. Because you have to know I’ve started doing Test Driven Development since a while. I might as well write a post about it in the future, but my laziness impedes me to do it in the forseeable future. We’ll see.

Bunny is meant to take part in the future in a quite big project I plan to work on. I’m doing it also as an experiment to see how far I can bring my hobbyist knowledge about encryption and programming. But the final target, is to use it in that thing I’m gonna work on (hint: it’s a game).

So, how does it work?

As you might guess, it lies on top of TCP. Upon connection, after ensuring the client and server capabilites, the server and the client exchange public RSA keys. While the server reserves the right to use a constant one, so that the client can verify the server to be the same as the one of the previous connection, the client’s RSA keypairing should be changed each time.

The packets, or “BunnyBoxes”, are JSON objects. These always have a few basic properties (the type of the BunnyBox, the timestamp of when the box was generated, a random key for making sure there aren’t any duplicate boxes on the server), and the Data property, that has it, you guess it, the interesting part. This is strictly related to the type of box (e.g. a Message box will contain a message object, and so forth).

Encryption happens on all BunnyBoxes once a connection is enstabilished. (Initial sanity checks and key sending is still done in plain text). After that, though, I challenge anyone to try to decrypt a Box (in 2015). We’re currently using 2048 bit RSA encryption, and in a few years as we see necessary we’ll upgrade that to 4096.

With that being said, I guess it’s all for today. Probably also this month. (I wrote this not expecting to write the next paragraph to be a resume my life in the last one-two months. Duh.)

By the way, reporting at halfway through November I can finally say that the stink bug situation has calmed a bit. I see on average just 1 per day, so all’s good. School is tough, so really haven’t been able to do much programming-related, considering also the amount of chilling/procrastination my brain requires per day. I started listening to podcasts on my way to school a few days ago, for the moment I’m trying The Long Read and Upvoted, although for what I’ve listened so far they don’t entertain me that much, so probably going to look for something programming-related or science-related. Or perhaps I should try audiobooks, since just about every time I start reading something consistent, I usually give up at about halfway through. Also, anyone has some good resources on classical / piano / orchestral music? I’ve learned that EDM while trying to be productive might not be the best thing to listen to. For the time being, I listened to Kurzgesagt’s overwhelmingly amazing soundtrack, although that’s not an unlimited resource and it’s meant for bgm to a science video, not as something to listen from day to day casually (although from my experience on some tracks it works perfectly on that, too. My favourite tracks are Life and Time).

stink bugs #2

October 28, 2015

Yesterday, I decided that it was about time to aspire all the remaining stink bugs in my window to death. Despite being less, they were still plenty and, as their name says, they stink. However, in about 10 minutes I was done, so I could get back to the coding/procrastinating with cookies session I was doing. And so, I could finally do what I wanted to do for a very long time: open the window to let the light pass through!

Later that evening, my mum opened a window in the living room for throwing out of the window something I can’t remember. Guess what - stink bugs on the floor!

Apart from that, though, the evening was doing quite well. Had a good meal with some rice and curry (yes - the myth we italians don’t have anything to eat as the main dish other than pasta is, in fact, a myth). After dinner, we were planning on doing some roasted chestnuts at the fireplace. My dad went back working, while my mum started complaining about my raspberry pi being there doing nothing. So, to make a purpose out of it, I started looking for its charger, or a 5.25+ Volt USB charger, thus being unable to watch over my mum fucking up. Guess what she did? She fucked up.

While I was in my room looking for that charger, I hear her shouting from the other side of the house “MORGAAAAAN!”. So I went there, and found her holding the pan with the chestnuts being literally on fire. Porco dio, mannaggia alla madonna, dio schifoso ladro. You just read some of the most basics expressions in italian, that if you go on a trip to italy you’ll sure learn to use in less than 2 weeks. Especially if you go to Venice.

While I went getting my slippers on because since I was running to the kitchen I lost them on the way, when I came back my mum was on the window on the south side of the house (the same as mine), because she probably was trying to extinguish the fire by holding the pan out of the window. What’s the title of this article? Stink bugs, exactly. Guess what she found all over the mosquito net when she opened the window? Yup, hundreds of stink bugs.

Needless to say, I soon was there with the vacuum clearner ready to do some aspiring of the bugs. It lasted quite some time. And for each second spent aspiring bedbugs, I swear god I felt like dying due to their smell. In the end we managed to free the window from them, and had some burnt chestnuts at half past 11.

How fun it is to live in the countryside!

I’ll end the article by showing what I found in my hoodie this morning. What a wonderful place to do a swarm!

140 characters

October 24, 2015

As you might already know, I’m a kind of Twitter addict. I spend about 1 hour of my free time every day on Twitter. I sometimes get into my actually-fairly-productive form, and thus only code the whole free time, but apart from that, I always keep the tweetdeck tab open in my browser.

One of the most mentioned things about Twitter is the fact that it only allows to have up to 140 characters in the tweets you make. This, by many people who don’t use twitter is seen as a con of the website.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

People say the fact that Twitter only allows a very short amount of characters for their tweets is ‘a way to enhance superficial communication’. Which is in part true. However, have you noticed how Twitter does not force you to see a little ‘relevant’ part of the tweets/posts of your followers/friends, just like Facebook does?

The thing I want to say is: many other websites already have this limitation in place, implicitly!

Don’t you tell me your 200-word Facebook post got noticed. Or if it really was noticed by a lot of people, then congratulations, you really got friends who care to look deep into a post! Usually, though, people just don’t have time to read long posts. So they skip them. That’s what everyone - including me - says.

Do we really don’t have 5 minutes to read a larger text?

I’m quite sure that if all the time I spent reading QuadPiece’s tweets into reading Wait But Why (a blog with hella fucking long posts about science and geek stuff), I probably would have already read all of the posts there. The reason I preferred to read QuadPiece’s tweets, then, was because they can be read in 5 seconds.

Think of it this way: you have 1kg of cookies, and you got a kilo of tagliatelle alla bolognese. You’re hungry, but you have to get back to work really soon. Which is the reason why you just take a few cookies and eat them. So then you can go straight back to work. Eating some of that pasta would have been great, however you just don’t have time to prepare it and eat it. After a few weeks, you completely forget you had that kilo of pasta in the fridge waiting for you to eat it, so after a while it becomes terrible. When you finally have the time to eat it, it’s not good anymore. And so, it remains uneaten.

Guess what, same exact thing happens with twitter and huge but interesting blog posts. Reading those posts would take just too much time, so you just go and check out the latest things the people you’re following have said. And then get back to work. Right?


After you’re done eating your cookies, you go back to doing what you should be doing. After a few minutes of doing it, you get hungry again. Go back to the kitcken, open the cookie jar, take a few cookies out of it, and then get back to work again. This happens for quite a few times, until you finish all the cookies. When you actually take a look at the work you have done on your Trello checklist, you see this:

When you first started eating those cookies, it was 16:52. What time is it now? 20:12. When is it due for? 20:30.

The time you have lost eating cookies was probably around 40 minutes. How much time would have it taken you to prepare the pasta? 40 minutes. Which one would have been healthier? Probably neither, but I guess eating a meal in one go is better than eating bits of a meal each time. Which one satisfies your taste sense best, though? The tagliatelles. Unless you’re some weirdo who for some reason doesn’t like tagliatelle alla bolognese, or you’re vegetarian. What a terrible life must it be.

Translating it cookie(s) into tweet(s) and tagliatelle/pasta into huge blog post, it’s:

After you’re done checking out what people on twitter say, you get back to work, but then you want to see what Louis replied to your tweet. And so you’re back checking your Twitter home. And so it gets into a neverending loop, just like the cookies. At a certain point, you realise you really don’t have any more time to see the bullshit twitter people say, so this time for real, you go and do what you should do. The time you wasted reading probably about 250 tweets and replying to them, though, could have been better spent into simply opening an interesting blog, and reading a big post. You’ve enlargened your culture by using the same amount of time you would have used if you read a couple hundred of pointless tweets by the people you follow.

So, what’s this called? It’s on the tip of my toungue. Oh, here it is!


Ever since I was a child, I procrastinated. I still do, even now. But when I was a child, I could do it. Not a problem. The problem now is, I have some people who want shit done from me now. And the constant flux of tweets that get in my way, they sure don’t help me on being productive.


tl;dr: some people prefer Twitter because there are cookies rather than big portions of tagliatelles. But if we spent a good 40 minutes being concentrated on reading one single blog post rather than losing minutes here and there for catching up on twitter, we would probably be spending less time procrastinating and broadening our culture as well.

  • Tweets are cookies.
  • Blog posts are huge delicious tagliatelles portions.
  • Facebook is a “variety” candy box: some sweets take you quite some time to eat, although most of them can be eaten in a few seconds, just like cookies. Most of the candies are rotten because that pastry shop has 3 people who are drunk all of the time and they’re the ones who make the bad candies, although there’s a smarter guy who makes good ones, although he’s only a person and can’t split into two.

Then, the lesson is: for god sake, read some blogs rather than reading Twitter bullshit.

What the fuck is going on with zxq?

October 16, 2015

Hello. Howl here. Ex-owner of zxq and prime minister of Italy. It’s the year 2067 and I’ve completed my objective of taking all your $1000 donations and ruling my own country.

Yesterday afternoon, Nyo told me that something was off with the server. It was being extremely slow at making responses for his telegram bot. I said “blame php”, as the program he wrote for the bot was written in php. Then I decided to have a look at the server. And so I just so happened to do an htop, and this just so happened:

If you’re no linux expert, you just need to know: those four bars on the tom with the values close or equal to 100% are the CPU cores of the server. And all of them were used at maximum. All of them. Literally server on fire. Looking down you can see the cause of it: a ruby script, that was spawned hundreds of times, and each process of that script was using a tiny fraction of the CPU.

The cause of all this is Gelbooru. If you don’t know what Gelbooru is, it’s a sort of imageboard with anime pics, for the 99% of the content. I wrote a twitter bot for it that picked a random picture from it every half a hour and posted it. The script was working fine. But Gelbooru suspended their API since 2 days ago. I didn’t think this was going to happen, so I wrote no error catching for the event where the parsed XML response is null. So every time the script was launched, it went into an infinite loop, because the script is made so that if it fails once, it retries until it works. And so for one day scripts eating some cpu each were spawned every 30 minutes.

Getting to the hot part of the discussion: I got hit with a pretty huge DDoS attack.


I was just procrastinating as usual when I get a telegram message from my mate marcostudios.

I wouldn’t believe what he said. Why would it have died? Then I tried to do an SSH access to the server.

Connection timed out.


Ping would also respond after a long delay. Fucking hell that looks like a pretty fucking big DDoS attack. I go to the control panel of the server. And, well, this is what my eyes saw:

Bloody fucking hell. After having dinner and seeing that the attack wasn’t still stopped and the OVH anti-DDoS didn’t kick in this time, I decided it was time for a semestral forced restart of the server into the netboot of the recovery disk.

Once I did the restart - nothing. Server still unavailable. Attack still continued. Couldn’t login into server. Well fuck. Nothing much to do. Did a few other reboots to see if anything helped - nothing. I could only hope the DDoS would have ended soon. It outta! Would you keep on doing a DDoS to a server for a prolonged time for no reason? I don’t think so.

In fact, I was right. I already spun up a droplet on digitalocean for telling the server users about what was going on, when I see that the DDoS attack had stopped. I felt relieved.

SSH worked. Everything as normal. It was about 22:45 when it stopped. I should have already been in bed. Fuck it, I oughta get the server back up and running soon!

it took me about a hour to finish setting everything up. That’s why I don’t like doing a restart of the server very frequently: the services on there almost all need a manual restart when restarting the server.

And, after that hour, everything looked kinda fine. I went to finish my maths homework, which I hadn’t even finished doing yesterday night! But well, teacher didn’t notice so all’s good.

Sorry for everyone who were talking on the server and then got disconnected! The server is back up and running now. :)


October 14, 2015

At my house, being in the countryside, there is a ritual. Every year at about october bedbugs come and shit just about everywhere in the whole house. They’re a really specific species of bedbugs, so probably not the ones you know. Some year they are just about 100, some years more, some years less… it’s still a pain each time. And, despite having lived here ever since I was born, I never got used to their terrible smell. If you luckily never had the experience of smelling the wonderful scent that a bedbug emits when it dies, then I can only tell you: it’s really terrible.

Last year, I went as usual in the dining room, to, guess what, have dinner. Menu of the evening, gnocchi with tomato sauce and some garlic. I ate some of them, and then something so terrible went into my mouth that my dad believed it was garlic. I convinced myself of it, although being shocked. When I finally looked back at what I spit out again, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The nightmare.

I almost ate a bedbug.

Fast forward to this year, it didn’t seem that a lot of bedbugs were going to be in this house this year. Well, guess what, I was wrong. Few weeks ago I woke up, opened up the window. A nice sunny day. Few bedbugs were around, easily killable with that MS-DOS user manual my dad gave me a few months ago that if I weren’t going to use for killing bedbugs it would have just stayed there collecting dust forever. Everything seemed normal. I went to have lunch, came back, and I looked outside my window.

Oh my fucking god.

Bedbugs were just about all over the fucking place. I couldn’t fucking believe it. To kill them, I let a very few of them in, then MS-DOS user manual, then another few coming in, and then another page of the MS-DOS user manual. I wasn’t able to kill them all, I’m too lazy. Later that evening my dad told me at dinner that he aspired bedbugs with the vacuum cleaner while making the room in the attic. They were about 150. Cute, huh?

Fast forward to these days. It’s raining from some time now. This evening, after doing my daily matches on codingame with my code mate Mauro, I went and looked at the window. Not much to see around. It looked like the bedbugs finally went away and that I could finally open that window again.

So I opened it.

Everything normal on the right side. From what I could see, all good.

Then I carely opened the right window.


Pastedown is dead!

August 10, 2015

If you’ve been stalking me or whatever for quite some time, you might now I had a service much like pastebin, but for hosting (and rendering) markdown files. It was a tiny little project I wrote in about two weeks I think about a year and a few months ago. I did it because I was tired of the bloated UI of Github’s Gists for rendering Markdown, so I tried to make my own. The result? As expected from a 12 year old attempting to do PHP, it was a mess. A huge mess. I tried to pick up the project again, but I failed. So in the end, I kept up this project for this year, and today (well, technically yesterday) I decided to take it down for having less stuff to worry about.

The code was completely crap, without any anti-spam at all. So now let’s try to cd to the folder where all the raw files are stored, and let’s see how many we got. ls -la | wc -l

Yes. Believe it or not, there were 24 THOUSAND files. I have no idea of when this sudden growth happened, probably spambot’s fault. But in that folder there were 24k thousand files, of the complessive weight of 50960 bytes, or 50MB.

I published the huge mess its code was on GitHub, in case you’re willing to tell me how shitty my PHP was.

Cookiezi: my opinion on the matter

June 25, 2015

If you’re an osu! player, you probably already know about this. A famous osu! player, Cookiezi, recently started streaming on his twitch channel (shigetora) after about 1.5yrs since he was banned. osu!community went to bananas when the ones who received the email about him starting his stream and telling others about it on the chat. Guess what the osu! staff did. Censor the URL to Cookiezi’s channel to ! Nice interest in free speech, I see. Anyway, that’s the topic for another blog post (eventually). Apart from this slightly off-topic note, I’d like to say, or more specifically rant, about my thoughts on the matter.

What I found the most funny was how the osu! community interpreted that as “Hey guys I’m cookiezi and i want to be back playing on osu!”, and not as “I’m streaming some osu!”. Guess what happened? A petition on Boy, I’ve seen some serious shitposting over that website, but this seriously beats them all. And now, peppy adds on his twitter ignore list with #FreeReimu #FreeCookiezi

People who follow peppy’s blog probably know about the blog post he did on the 23rd. What was important wasn’t the core of the post itself, rather than the last warning, peppy’s sole real announcement about the facts that happened since Sunday.

Finally, I’d like to add a personal warning: I know a lot of you may be spending your recent days watching a famous osu! player “play”, but I ask you to be wary and don’t jump to conclusions. There’s nothing to prove you aren’t just watching a bot or cheater playing. Also, please, don’t spam my email or twitter asking me to consider unbanning other players. Do not bother making petitions. Bans are between our team and the player in question. In this particular case I’m willing to add that the “player” sent me (personally) and the support team a series of rude emails which were both out of character of someone of their calibre, and not appropriate to even begin the appeal process. Be careful who you idolise and realise when it’s time to move on.

Woah, are you serious? Two things to go into bananas for, in one week! Of course, as a normie that I am, I opened up disqus and started typing a wall of text. An extremely huge wall of text, which outlines what I think about the matter of Cookiezi.

I agree with you on the matter of the “famous player”. Ok, I do agree he does indeed seems to be back, at least streaming, but where is the actual proof it’s really him? It could be any other player that has found a way to get his stream key, either without him knowing or even volountarily from the “famous player” to create a shitstorm on osu!. Proving this, there are also two other facts that made other people think that he might not actually be him that have already been discussed around.

What I’ve personally hated since I’ve really started to take part in the community was how people couldn’t even consider that there might ever be a better player than him. Are we serious? About two years have passed since he was banned, yet people still think he’s unbeatable? What about all the other players and scores that have been done over the last two years, are they nothing because now he has come back and is now back on everyone’s mouth again? I don’t believe so. Time passes, it’s time to look forward: he’s now part of the past, and probably won’t get back with his account anytime soon.

What I’d like to end with, is that all the petitions and the unban requests stuff are for what? What I mean is, he did not ever say he wanted to get his osu! account back, he just did a stream on twitch. I consider people doing the unban requests wasting their time: if he doesn’t do a ban appeal himself, all requests are basically useless and wasted time.

Yeah. Only later the next day I realized some mistakes here and there in what I wrote, but whatever.

peppy didn’t seem woken up enough to give an adeguate response too, as he only answered:

I agree, and also believe there are many players beter than them out there.

Of course, that still wouldn’t feed my need of flaming a bit. A saviour was then sent out there to give me an hand!

The problem itself with him was that he left a gap so large between himself and 2nd place, that it’s TAKEN 2 years to fill it. This is the main thing. rrtyui took many, many tries before a full combo on Big Black (The “bar” for back then). The said player took 15 minutes to get a FC, intentionally missing the last note. That was the gap then. That’s why he was, and probably still is, idolized. He was also the first person show some ridiculous accuracy with AR10 HR maps. His most famous being Air Man.

The issue with your opening statement is quite clear, and it “could” be someone else, but the problem is that it’s the same setup, same style, same everything on-stream, as it was 2 years ago. If someone went to the trouble to replicate that, I’d buy them a hell of a lot of beer. Stealing a stream key (After so long, a stream key expires, so his account needed to be “hacked”) is hard as it is.

Give it a month for when the user gets back into the game, and I’m fairly certain, we’ll see a shift again in the rankings. He left being able to consistently and accurately stream at 240bpm without an issue, let’s see if he can get back into the game and replicate said accuracy. With his track record, I think we’re about to see the top players get a wake up call, because farming maps with HDHR will soon become redundant in showing some sort of skill.

Oh, well well. Perfect timing for a nice flame! So I did a comment… this time even longer. Boy, how long is this post going to be!

I did not have a chance to see his livestreams, due to the fact that I think it was just a month after I joined that he got banned. Anyway, on youtube a lot of videos from his livestreams have been uploaded, and in order to reply to your exposed flaw in my initial statement, I’ll take an old one and a new one as reference.

What I mainly have to say is that it’s not the same “setup, same style, same everything on-stream”. First of all, skin. It’s quite obvious that he has changed his skin since the streams from two years ago. If I were to quit osu! and then come back two years later with a new skin and still manage to do scores perfectly, then there are two chances: I’m a wizard, or I’ve been always playing osu! since I quitted. Taking the second case as a chance, I’d then like to contradict rumors with rumors: as I’ve plenty of friends who are big fans of the said player, they obliged me to see some videos at time, one of which, I remember, said that “he wasn’t playing osu! anymore, but he was playing another rhythm game”… I think it was sound voltex, but I’m not sure. Still talking about the skin, what I noticed is that it has plenty of elements from newer skins… I’m not sure if the skin he’s using in his streams is one of another player, but if it isn’t, then it has some combined elements from a lot of modern skins that weren’t around at his times.

Plenty of other stuff can only be known by him if he has played in the time being, for instance the Smoke effect. If he was active during the time he was banned and didn’t stream, I doubt he would actually delete his osu! folder and create a new instance just for going live. Then again, conjecture, since it’s still possible that he did such a non-sense thing, but still seems weird and is added on top of the other elements, which make it even more weird to make it look like it’s actually him. Let’s add also how he magically improved his English skills in the past two years and the donations. People say it’s a joke, but if it wasn’t, it would be weird, really weird. By the way, donations for… a webcam to show him playing? Didn’t he have it already? Oh yeah, sure! Of course! He sold it! Well, if I were him I’d still keep it as it could’ve become pretty useful in some events, take for instance making a SVX liveplay. But oh well, just another coincidence, isn’t it? :)

(P. s.: as I’ve read through someone’s profile (this person is known for knowing a lot the player, and by also providing him his skin if I’m correct), he said that “in 2014 he wasn’t playing much” - well, a bit of a +1 to both of our theories, isn’t it?)

If it is for the gameplay style that you believe it’s him, you probably want to know that if we’re convinced of something, nothing’s likely going to stop us, unless it’s really evidently contradicting what we think and we can’t reply with anything. We ignore things that contradict our theory, and exagerate the meaning of other. It’s exactly what I’m doing with what I’m thinking (it’s not him, and I’m finding all the flaws leading to think it’s not him) and what you’re thinking (you think it’s him and your finding all the points leading to think it is indeed him).

Getting to the second part. Stealing a steam key can be done in a lot of ways, but this is not what I want to get to. In my OP I also stated that someone could have found a way to his stream key without the player being aware it… or also with him being aware. That is lending someone’s his stream key. On an profile of a source that is being said to be very trustworthy, it is written that the said player has written on his twitter account that he was going to stream. This adds again a bit of a agreement to both of our theories, meaning that he could have indeed streamed and have announced it before he was going to do it, or also that he could have given the stream key to someone else on purpose in order to create a shitstorm, therefore announcing it on twitter would create even more of a shitstorm, wouldn’t it?

That being said, seeing things objectively, your theory is in advantage with the standing facts - it’s more likely that it’s indeed him. But it probably is a 60% / 40% probability respectively between the two of us: there is still a strong chance that it’s not him, as I’ve proved in this comment, and that’s what I strongly believe in. You’re free to believe in what you wish, but don’t always believe in everything you hear, what you think and what others say: it might be not like it. Don’t be 100% sure of anything unless you have undeniably seen it with your own eyes.

woah, sorry for the wall of text.

Still waiting for this comment to be approved. This is gun be gud. Anyway, as you can see I do not believe that he is cookiezi. Too many things say otherwise. And I think “it’s the same playstyle! it’s him!!!!” are merely subjective opinions. All the other flaws have been pointed out in the last comment. And “no-one is able to do those scores!!!” - who tells you not. Someone might be, hidden in the shadows. Eventually Hakurei Reimu, who knows? :)

That being said, feel free to point out any flaw in my logic in the underneath comments, I’ll be glad to reply. Now, m’ladies, I’ll head to a magical place called “bed”.

UPDATE 04/12/2015: You might have not noticed this article is from June 2015. At the time it still wasn’t so obvious it was him, for me at least, and that’s why I wrote all this stuff. In the course of time, my points of view of course have changed: just after a few months since I wrote this post I fully believed it was legitimately Cookiezi.

the zxq teamspeak server

June 18, 2015

As you might already know, I’m the one guy who runs the server behind the scenes. zxq is a normal kimsufi server that I use for a lot of stuff, mainly web stuff. For instance, this website. But the server and are mainly known for one thing: the Teamspeak server.

I started it a few months ago (say, about six) as a place for the Italian community of osu!. In fact, it used to be “osu! italia teamspeak server” and have a different logo. It already had a few rooms for other games, but just a few in case someone wanted to go play some League of Legends (because we all know of the crazy amount of people in osu! who also play LoL).

Fast forward two months, I thought of eventually converting it into a general-purpose teamspeak server, as I was already playing some games with non-osu! people (irl friends) while talking there. That didn’t happen until Roxas told me he eventually wanted to invite some other friends from outside osu! for playing Dota 2 and maybe economically fund the server. Although I refused the economical help, I did convert the server from the osu! italia teamspeak server to the “zxq italian server”. Still Italian, because there aren’t really a lot of people outside from Italy on there. Apart from those two/three french guys who occasionally get on the server for playing some games I guess? I don’t really care, as long as they don’t fuck around I don’t have any problems with their baguetting.

Fast forward another few months, the server goes to shit due to an exploit where any user could become server admin after creating a semi-permantent channel. Vokyal gets power on the server. As he already asked me a lot to be server admin and whatever, I let him stay. I regret it so much now (enormous shitposter, bans people without any fucking reason and without telling me of course), but oh well. What was good though is that he brought quite a few people to join into the zxq server. When the other server crashed, he would send them to the zxq server for continuing to play. Result? This:

Fast forward to a few days ago, Vokyal gets removed from the server admins due to the stuff I mentioned above and because the AleSpamcat drama. Italian osu! community will know. I got that drama into the reasons to remove him from the server admins due to the fact that I do not want someone who thinks ruining someone’s reputation without any fucking reason with her nudes is a good thing, and yeah, the nonsense bans. Also removed a lot of people from the helpers and added a couple of guys I know I can trust.

Now, after this brief history about the server, I want to throw at you some plans and things and whatever I plan to do/doing on the server:

  • Add a donation system! Shaural (<3<3) gave €5, now I’ll have to make a system to make it available globally. I’m going to make a donation system in the future, and I will as well give out some perks. some of these are a email address, an icon on the server, I call you saying you’re the best person in the world, I give you an isolated box in the server, and… I don’t know! Feel free to suggest anything in the comments.
  • Fix all the groups and let everyone set their own server groups (of course I mean stuff like osu!player/taiko player/#FREEREIMU2015 and whatnot)
  • Plan to add a democracy-like system. I’ve always loved the way Wikipedia does things, changing the terms? Ask the community if it’s ok. Admin elections, so no one takes over everything. Goddamn perfect. I plan in the future to create a fully fledged “democracy” system through a webapp or something. That means, in an hypotetical future you might be able to purpose yourself as an admin! … Although you would have to get the most people to vote for you, that is ;)

Why do people actually use the server? I think it’s for these reasons:

  • Permanent banning is almost banned! Meaning that we ban people permanently only in really extreme cases.
  • Almost no rules! As long as I won’t have to get my ass kicked into jail, you can do really everything you want on the server. I think that the more a thing has rules, the more it’s complicated, the more it will be corrupt. That’s why I try keeping everything simple.
  • Almost NO downtimes! Yes! Unless I fucked up something really badly, the server will always alive. Unlike your free teamspeak server provider which will do an hard-restart of the server each month, at the very least.

oh, and lastly:

(✿◠‿◠)〜 ITSUDEMOOOOO (✿◠‿◠)〜

(yes i know in the first post i promised to make posts often. unfortuantely, that’s not possible due to the fact I do not have many ideas nor time to write posts)

Poste Italiane.

April 14, 2015

Yes this is an article written in Italian. Sorry non-italian speakers! I’ve decided to write this in Italian due to the incredible amount of things referring to the Italian nation which non-Italians might not know, and because I’m too lazy to write in English.

Oggi esco da scuola come al solito, all’una e mezza. Dopo una decina di minuti tra il traffico di Modena per arrivare all’ufficio postale, arrivo finalmente. Tralasciando le porte antiterrorismo (ok che siete delle poste = avete i soldi, però così sembra di entrare in un ufficio della CIA), prendo il mio biglietto per gli “altri servizi finanziari”, per ricaricare la mia postepay. Ebbene, dopo aver atteso neanche tanto tempo, arrivo finalmente, trascinandomi dietro portatile e zaino, dalla tizia. Chiedo di fare una ricarica postepay, dopo aver tirato fuori millanta documenti dal mio portafogli (tesserino sanitario, carta d’identità… diocristo devo versare dei soldi sul conto mica cambiarmi il nome!), la tizia fa tutte le cose eeeeee ayy. La tavoletta grafica per fare la firma digitale non funziona. Ayy wacom. Ayy computer vecchi secoli. Comunque sì, chiede aiuto alla collega e dice che la firma digitale bisogna farla comunque. Spero che se non vada me la fanno fare manualmente senza fare casini e robe varie e invece… nooo dai! Complichiamoci un po’ le cose. Aspetta che comunque la tavoletta si riaccenda per fare un altro tentativo, niente. Quindi lei chiede alla collega se si può fare comunque manualmente, come è logico che sia. “No perché ci deve essere il [boh non ricordo] sulla transazione”. E c’è, per qualche ragione. E anche sul estratto conto viene fuori che i soldi sono stati addebitati. E allora, finalmente, la tipa va a prendermi un foglio sul quale posso fare la firma… anzi non la firma. Una completa dichiarazione legale, manco fossi in tribunale.

“Io sottoscritto, Morgan Harry Pendral Bazalgette, dichiaro di aver effettuato la ricarica di euro 30,00 sul mio conto. firma data

Alla fine, finalmente, dopo che mi fece la fotocopia e tutto, sono finalmente riuscito ad uscire da quell’ufficio postale, dopo essere passato di nuovo per le porte antiterrorismo.

Insomma, mi sa che la prossima volta ritorno in tabaccheria per farmi la ricarica.

osutohexiSharp v1.1.0 and MonoDevelop

April 12, 2015

Yesterday evening I was browsing twitter and I found @uwybbq posting an image of a text editor where he was doing… C#? Yes, that was C#. But that wasn’t Visual Studio. I have to say that personally (due to my retardness) I’ve always been using only Visual Studio for doing C# (only been using sublime text once in a while in case I needed to do something particular like CONTROL SHIFT PEE REINDENT LINES NAO) and have actually never heard of alternatives. And yes, I knew C# wasn’t really great because where’s muh cross-platform ;-; I’ve already heard of mono but I didn’t want to get my hands on it since you actually want to jump to code and not spend hours to get a compiler successufully building sources from sublime text (when I tried C++ I was using this to compile :P). But now that I know there’s MonoDevelop that lets me build C# stuff easily, well I guess I will start doing some real stuff in C# now!

C# is lovely. Completely OOP, C-like and pretty amazing for me. No clusterfucks to deal with like memory management, you can almost do anything with it, pretty fast but yet… cross-platform compatibility. This has poked me for a while. Because I really love all that stuff you can imagine a fa/g/ to like (GNU/Linux, OSS, Richard Stallman, programming, lolis…) but .NET and therefore C# have always been (well, at least until a few months ago) closed-source and not libre. So mono imho really saved me, because I can code in something I like and make it available on more platforms than just Winbloze™.

When I got my MonoDevelop running on my arch linux laptop, I needed something to work on. So I went and pick up osutohexiSharp, that program that I released a few months ago on the Hexis forums to convert osu!skins to Hexis themes. F5… nope, doesn’t work. Directory not found. Well, quite obvious, since I’ve been using Windows’ directory separator (\) for that. So changed all the \ into a / and F5. Program worked successufully.

I went and added a few things that somebody reported in the converter topic. And done. After spending half an hour manually merging the upstream repository, I finally pushed the updates and published the update to the topic. You can check out the topic here and the release here.

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