this is where i come to cry.


If you’d like to contact me for any reason, I am reachable at If you send an email there, you’ll be sure that I’ll read it the very moment I manage to download it from my mail client, either from my phone or from my computer. I can also be found on a hundred of other websites as well. Often you just need to look if there’s someone with the name Howl, TheHowl, DahHowl or morganbaz. If you still aren’t able to find me, then ping me on twitter asking if I’m on that website. Or if you were looking for me on twitter, well, you just need to ask me what’s my twitter account on twitter! Twit twat twot.

As I’m lazy and I don’t want to bother to putting those fancies fontawesome icons to all the major websites I’m on, I’m just gonna do a list of them:

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