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non me la bevo

November 30, 2015

At the beginning of November, I’ve gone to Lucca Comics and Games, the biggest nerd convention in Italy. The awesomeness spreads in 4 days around the wonderful mediaval city of Lucca (yes, the whole historic centre is taken by the fair!), and it’s always the best way to finally meet your internet friends you used to just have seen in picture and heard on TeamSpeak until a few hours before. Although, like every year, everyone must say “yeeeah maaan this year lucca sucked, i ain’t gonna go next year”, even this year they managed to get more than 200,000 people in that small town for four days.

As I don’t give a shit about games anymore, and I’m not a very frequent anime viewer, you guessed it: I went there mainly for meeting people. And holy shit, worth every single cent. I went there on Saturday and Sunday, with a total of 2.5 hours for each travel from Modena to Lucca and vice versa. Anyone who doesn’t come to Lucca in the Italian nerd community is considered as a poorfag and sorrounded by people saying “MA VIENI A LUCCA PORCODIO”. This year’s award-winning lucca poorfag is Nyo! Ti giuro che se l’anno prossimo non ci sei ti mando Gian direttamente a Bari a menarti. <3.

Of course, these conventions aren’t all a bed of roses. If you think “a bed of roses” doesn’t suit here, then blame wordreference. Anyway. As I and Alex (a friend of mine) were walking on the walls of the city, we got stopped by these two guys holding some leaflets stopping people casually. Sure as heck they weren’t there for the fair. When they stopped us, they asked us for a donation. Gave us a voucher to both of us. Useless and way too much generic. Just a green leaflet, with a picture of a bear plushie with “GRAZIE DI CUORE” written on it. No info about them, nothing. Just a green fucking leaflet with a fucking creepy peluche that says to be thankful to you. You know, it didn’t take me long to realise these were the famous “truffatori sulle mura”, of which many frequent fair participants recommend to avoid. As I’m an Italian, and as such I must gesticulate while talking and be impulsive, the first thing I did after analysing the leaflet was to crumple it. And I was all about “let’s just get this sorted out asap” with my friend. These dudes weren’t willing to let go. So, guess what happened. Exactly. Arguing.

I explained them the reasons why I did not want to give a single cent to their cause. I asked them “What’s your association called?”. I can’t remember the name. When I picked up the phone for searching the name on the internet in order to to make sure they weren’t making it up, or in this case making sure they were, they said “Sorry, we’re afraid we’re not on the internette”. “Oh, how odd!” I replied. My friend in the meantime was just keeping silent, probably hoping to get over the question asap. In the end, I guess they learnt they wouldn’t have made out not a single cent out of my wallet. And so we managed to get away, while I and my friend were talking.

Zio cane se mi sta sul cazzo sta gente a lucca.

Eh immagino.

Ma perché te non hai detto niente?

Non volevo mettermici anch’io.

Or something along the lines.

Well, that’s enough, I guess. Gotta go to school tomorrow. And haven’t taken much sleep lately. And it’s already past eleven. And I gotta wake up at half past six. So, see you! (I might as well try to start posting on a regular basis on this blog. I’ll see).

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